Interactive Graphics

Pre-built graphics designed with your audience in mind.


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Pre-built interactive graphics

Elevate your coverage with our graphics, considerately designed in-house to tell a story and drive audience engagement.​

  • Offered in over ten languages​
  • Customizable to your branding​
  • Embeddable for varied platforms​
  • Automatically updated by our API

Our AP Election Interactives solutions

Access our interactives in AP Newsroom to share visual results with your audience. 


Easy access

Get all your elections data through a dashboard that’s easily accessible in AP Newsroom, starting with our All-In-One map, providing cartographic and geographic views of the current race status.


Real-time results

Drill down to automatically updated, embeddable maps and tables for state and local races. Toggle between different views at the reporting unit level.


Dynamic modules

Embed contextual data modules such as the delegate tracker, race call waterfall, AP VoteCast and more for the General Election.


Fully customizable

Quickly customize the styles, translate the modules in over 10 languages, then review and publish them on your site or digital platform for immediate engagement.

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