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AP Vote Count and AP VoteCast

AP’s election data is all you need to tell the story of Election Day in America. It starts with the Vote Count, as AP tabulates election results in races from the White House to the statehouse: more than 5,000 in all on the day of a presidential general election. Our data is fast and accurate, providing you with election results in real-time from the moment polls close through to the final certification of official results. 

Pair Vote Count election results with data from AP VoteCast, our comprehensive survey of the American electorate. VoteCast is unbiased, trustworthy election research that provides you and your audience with insight into the opinions voters carried into the voting booth or held as they filled out their mail-in ballot. It’s the data you need to tell the story of why the winners won. 

AP’s election data empowers media outlets, financial institutions, policy makers and anyone with a stake in the outcome of American elections with the data and intelligence needed to understand what’s happening in the American democracy. Our robust election data allows you to engage an audience, make informed decisions and assess the impact of an election on the market with confidence. 


State and national results

AP’s Vote Count starts at the top of the ticket, covering races for president, governor, Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. It then goes down the ballot, as we tabulate results for ever seat in every state legislature, every statewide ballot measure and the local races that matter most to your audience. With the Vote Count comes AP’s race calls, a declaration of who has won in every race we tabulate.


Election research

AP VoteCast is election research you can trust. It’s a robust survey of the American electorate designed to meet voters where they are, at the moment they’re deciding for whom to cast their ballot. Since its debut in the 2018 midterm elections, AP VoteCast has provided insight and intelligence into the outcome of American elections. It’s how you can explain the why of Election Day. 


Delegates and details

AP’s election data isn’t limited to Vote Count and VoteCast. Our service includes a running allocation of delegates won in the presidential primaries, details on ballots cast in advance and updated research into essential details such as when polls open and close. We count the vote by type, providing results for ballots cast on Election Day along with those cast in advance. If there’s a data point you need to understand an election, you’ll find it in our data feed and API. 

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