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AP team follows scientists trekking to Venezuela’s last glacier

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Scientist Eloy Torres shows a plant sample to a colleague during a mission to study how temperatures and plant life are changing in the Andean ecosystem known as the paramos – a mist-covered mountain grassland that lies between the top of the treeline and the bottom of the Humboldt glacier, in Merida, Venezuela, Feb. 19, 2019. – AP Photo / Rodrigo Abd

Video journalist Federica Narancio, photographer Rodrigo Abd, science writer Christina Larson, and freelance video journalists José Manuel Romero and Erika Rodríguez, for the second installment in the “What Can Be Saved?” series. The team spent months overcoming numerous logistical hurdles, becoming the sole news outlet to visually capture Venezuelan scientists on their trip to study the country’s last glacier and the surrounding alpine ecosystem.

Federica Working In Merida Venezuela Hm
Video journalist Federica Narancio records scientist Alejandra Melfo as she makes notes in Merida, Venezuela, during a study of the Andean ecosystem, February 2019. – AP Photo / Rodrigo Abd
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