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AP delivers sweeping multiformat coverage of Title IX at 50

FILE - Members of the University of Connecticut women’s rowing team take a stance against the university’s plan to drop the program after the season, in Storrs, Conn., April 19, 2021. UConn has since agreed to settle in a federal gender equity lawsuit filed against the school by 12 rowers. As part of the settlement, the school will continue to have a women's rowing team until at least 2026.(Brad Horrigan / Hartford Courant via AP, File)


AP journalists in multiple disciplines — sports, education, race and ethnicity, and others — collaborated on a comprehensive all-formats package marking the 50th anniversary of Title IX,the groundbreaking law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in schools or education programs.

Leaders of each beat teamed up to develop story ideas and execution,coordinating resources to address the most important topics regarding Title IX: how the law was born,the impact it has had on athletes and women in general,the challenges it faces, the progress made and where the law falls short.

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In photo at left, tennis star Billie Jean King speaks about sexual equality before the Senate education subcommittee in Washington, Nov. 9, 1973. At right, King reacts while speaking at a Women’s History Month event honoring women athletes in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 9, 2022. – AP Photos / File (left); Jacquelyn Martin

The package included an exclusive interview with sports legend Billie Jean King, a first-person piece by Basketball Hall-of-Famer Ann Meyers Drysdale,stories on transgender athletes,campus sexual assault,inequalities in opportunities for women of color,a scoop on an NCAA report examining the current status of Title IX, and more.

An AP Poll explored Americans’ perception of the progress made by Title IX, revealing a stark contrast between men and women on the issue. The poll was published a week before a similar poll by a major nation publication; customers created custom sections to highlight AP’s Title IX package.

Interviews with current and former athletes were coordinated weeks in advance,as were photos,video and graphics for a distinctive presentation. Timelines (text and video),localization guides, explainers and photos galleries rounded the comprehensive package which was published over 10 days starting Jun. 14.

Among the many contributors to the project:

— Eddie Pells addressed the future of Title IX with transgender athletes.
— Annie Ma and Cliff Brunt teamed up on a story revealing that strides for women of color lag under the law.
— Daniella Matar and Teresa Walker reported on the impact of the law for international athletes.
— Heather Hollingsworth wrote about the shortcomings of sexual assault rules on campus.
— Erica Hunzinger revealed obstacles to proving Title IX violations at colleges.
— Paul Kazdan curated photos for the whole project, including a photo gallery on the impact of Title IX.
— Jake O’Connell produced graphics and interactives.
— Heidi Morrow produced the video timeline.
— Emily Swanson and Hannah Fingerhut handled the AP Poll.
— Andale Gross contributed for the race and ethnicity team.
— Carole Feldman, Mike Melia and Chrissie Thompson contributed for the education team.
— Dave Clark created and curated the Title IX hub.
— Samantha Shotzbarger curated the hub and content for the package.

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