Best of the Week


AP shines with multimedia coverage of the Women’s World Cup


Anne Peterson, Jenna Fryer, James Robson, John Pye, Steve McMorran, Abbie Parr, Alessandra Tarantino, Rick Rycroft, Mark Baker and Davidde Corran covered 64 Women’s World Cup matches over two countries and four time zones. Despite the challenges, the team led by text editors Pye and Fryer and photo editor Baker, reporter Peterson and photographers Parr, Tarantino and Rycroft produced compelling stories and images from the opening match to the Spain-England final in Sydney. SNTV producer Corran coordinated video coverage, and the package included a livestream from Barcelona, London and Sydney during the final, which gathered over 20,000 views on YouTube. The story on the U.S. being eliminated from the tournament had more than 100,000 page views on AP News.

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