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Global AP team captures impact of overfishing on traditional food dishes


Serginho Roosblad, David Goldman, Patrick Whittle, Grace Ekpu, Bogie Calupitan, Aaron Favila and Dario Lopez were a cross-format team on three continents who captured how overfishing has wiped out species from areas where they once thrived, taking off the table beloved culturally important dishes and undermining the diets and livelihoods of millions. The centerpiece story was from the Bahamas, where photographer Goldman, video journalist Roosblad and text reporter Whittle showed the precarious future of fishing for conch, a marine snail that’s so deeply associated with the islands that it’s on the nation’s coat of arms. Nigeria-based cross-format reporter Ekpu filed text, photos and video from Senegal on the disappearance of white grouper fish that threatens the national stew called “thieboudienne.” Photographer and video journalist Calupitan and photographer Favila reported from the Philippines, where small fish such as sardines that are central to the diets are dying out. A stunning online presentation was created by Lopez, who specializes in immersive storytelling.

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