Best of AP — Honorable Mention


AP ahead on news of an actor’s arrest based on tip from source and stakeout


Acting on a tip, Las Vegas reporter Rio Yamat was able to break the story of the arrest of “Dancing with Wolves” actor Nathan Chasing Horse, who is accused of sexually abusing young Indigenous girls over two decades. Yamat convinced a source to share a 50-page sealed warrant that contained details about the allegations against Chasing Horse, and with Las Vegas photographer John Locher and videographer Ty O’Neil, she waited more than five hours at a nearby coffee shop until the planned arrest took place. The three arrived at the actor’s home a short while later, detailing the scene for text, video and photos. Her work was widely cited by other media outlets who had not had access to the allegations in the sealed search warrant. According to the document, Las Vegas police have identified at least six alleged victims and uncovered sexual allegations against Chasing Horse dating to the early 2000s in multiple states, including Montana, South Dakota and Nevada, where he has lived for about a decade.

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