Best of AP — Honorable Mention


AP ahead on unexpected abortion ruling and quickly makes sense of competing rulings


Matthew Perrone, Paul Weber, Lindsay Whitehurst, Eugene Johnson and Claire Rush used prep, nimbleness and expertise to get out in front of the competition on two medical pill abortion rulings on the same day, one expected and one a surprise. When news of a ruling in a closely watched abortion case in Texas broke on a Friday night of a holiday weekend, the AP was ready. Weeks before, Perrone, Weber and Whitehurst dove deep into the case, pored over court papers, interviewed experts and spent weeks polishing the prep. Within minutes of the Texas ruling, as Weber worked on the breaking story, Perrone was on the phone with law professors. It was during one of these interviews that he learned there was a second ruling in a separate case in Washington that seemed to go the opposite way. Whitehurst, Eugene Johnson and Claire Rush quickly got out news and worked together into the night to ensure the story reflected what the court actions had done — and not done. Others lagged hours behind.

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