Best of AP — Honorable Mention


Source work, extensive reporting leads to major scoop on US attorney’s resignation


AP reporters Alanna Durkin Richer and Eric Tucker broke the news that the U.S. attorney in Massachusetts would resign after an inspector general’s investigation uncovered serious misconduct through extensive and intrepid source work, preparation and reporting.

Durkin Richer first broke the news of the Justice Department inspector general’s investigation in November and had continued to develop sources and follow the probe as it heated up quietly behind the scenes. In the reporting, she learned that the allegations against Rachael Rollins had become increasingly more serious. When a longtime source tipped Durkin Richer off last month that the investigation might be coming to a close, she got to work finding additional sources and worked with national security reporter Eric Tucker who had a long-term relationship with Rollins’ attorney. 

Through dogged sourcing efforts, the duo convinced Rollins’ attorney to announce her resignation exclusively to the AP, moving a news alert to the wire more than 20 minutes before any competitors. Later in the week, Durkin Richer and Tucker also exclusively obtained Rollins’ formal resignation letter to President Joe Biden. The story was used widely by members across the region and the country, with many crediting the AP for exclusive reporting.

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