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Petrequin and Turnbull team up for scoop on Maradona’s trophy

FILE - Argentina's soccer star Diego Maradona, left, and West German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher are holding their World Cup Soccer Ball awards while posing with two young soccer players during the Soccer Golden Shoe Award ceremony held in Paris, France, on Nov. 13, 1986. Diego Maradona's heirs filed a lawsuit to try to stop the auction of a trophy he was awarded after the 1986 World Cup won by Argentina. (AP PHOTO / MICHAEL LIPCHITZ, FILE

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Sam Petrequin and Alex Turnbull broke the news that Diego Maradona’s heirs were taking legal action to stop the auction of a trophy the late Argentine soccer star was awarded as the best player of the 1986 World Cup.

Turnbull received a tip from a longstanding source that Maradona’s heirs were opposed to the trophy going up for auction and would announce legal action. He quickly gave a heads-up to Brussels-based sportswriter Petrequin, who had reported on the announcement of the auction.

Petrequin, who was on a high-speed train heading back from southern France, got to work trying to confirm the tip. He was able to reach the lawyer in charge of the case and negotiated an exclusive interview before the official announcement.

The story — published in English and Spanish — was picked up by multiple clients worldwide.

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