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Packaged services

We work closely with clients to produce unique material to be broadcast in various languages on request, making the most of AP’s international resources.

We work with major Arabic broadcasters such as Saudi TV, Kuwait TV, and Al Hurra, producing about 200 news packages per week.

Using AP as an extension of your foreign desk, you can commission us to shoot and edit exclusive, fully-produced news items in various languages, including Arabic, French and Spanish, ready to insert into your news bulletins.

Solution for Saudi TV

Saudi TV broadcasts news and current affairs in Arabic to audiences in the Middle East, Europe and North America.

AP has been able to provide dedicated correspondents and facilities to help Saudi TV improve the range of its international reporting and reduce its costs. We shoot and edit exclusive news items in Arabic that Saudi TV inserts into their news bulletins. Each package makes use of AP’s rich news and archive content and is edited by production experts in our worldwide locations.

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