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Fostering the next generation of local news

Expand your audience and strengthen the cooperative

AP StoryShare knits together virtual newsrooms around geography or a topic, and lets the network participants share what they want, when they want and how they want. It’s a tool to turbocharge the existence of state and topical news, and puts the power to share in the hands of the network.

  • 200+

    contributing newsrooms
  • 8,000+

    stories shared
  • 4,500+

    photos shared

Access stories across states and topics

We are currently rolling AP StoryShare out around the country as well as in different topics. We are already active in the states shaded in blue, and have a nationwide network focused on coverage of Indigenous Peoples.

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Reimagining how newsrooms cooperate

Take control of your output

Decide which content you want to share with your audiences

Incubate ideas

Develop story ideas with other organizations in your network

Share expertise

Offer your knowledge or get help from others

Expand local news output

Maximize the availability of localized news by sharing coverage

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