Best of AP — Honorable Mention


‘I’ll walk in my broken shoes’: Mom, daughter flee Venezuela on foot


Christine Armario, correspondent, Bogota, Colombia; Ariana Cubillos, photographer, Caracas, Venezuela; videojournalists Marko Alvarez, Bogota, and Mauricio Munoz, Lima, Peru; and Dario Lopez, digital producer, Mexico City, for an extraordinary all-formats piece that followed a Venezuelan mother and daughter as they made the journey by foot across four countries to Peru, joining about 650 desperate migrants who walk out of Venezuela every day to avoid the country’s desperate situation.

The poignant story was augmented by moving photos and video,and an animated map. The AP team followed them closely for nine days under difficult conditions – freezing cold in parts,burning hot in others,and exhausting miles of walking to provide AP’s audience a detailed view into what they were facing, Readers wrote to Armario praising the story and asking how they could help.

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