Best of AP — Honorable Mention


Sourcing, analysis expose allegations against Lincoln Project


Political reporter Steve Peoples and Washington-based congressional reporter Brian Slodysko used a network of sources and financial records to break news in uncovering widespread sexual harassment accusations and questionable financial practices inside the Lincoln Project, a high-powered anti-Trump organization founded by prominent Republican consultants and known for its slick, sophisticated ads attacking Trump.

Relying on his deep source network, Peoples learned that one of the Lincoln Project’s co-founders, Jeff Weaver, faced a far more expansive range of sexual harassment accusations than previously known, with some of the accusations coming from staff inside the Lincoln Project who informed senior leaders the allegations. Yet the leaders did nothing.

On a separate track, Slodysko dug into financial records that suggested there was a reason top Lincoln Project leaders didn’t want to shake things up: They were making a ton of money. By sifting through dozens of documents, Slodysko learned that of the $90 million the group raised, $50 million went to firms controlled by Lincoln Project leaders.

The pair’s story had immediate impact. By the end of the day, the Lincoln Project announced it would hire an outside firm to review the allegations and encouraged potential victims of sexual harassment to reach out to the organization so they could be released from nondisclosure agreements.

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