Best of AP — First Winner


Live from the Grammys, AP scores massive wins with real-time stories


AP’s Global Entertainment team knew the game had changed when it came to the Grammys. They knew that the sense of the moment — in the moment — was going to win the day. And they were right.

Collaborating with Digital colleagues, the team delivered unprecedented audiences to APNews through two real-time vehicles: a hosted live video show streamed on YouTube and a multiformat Live Blog. It was a success in two spaces crucial to bringing in in new audiences to AP, and the viewership on both reflects how AP can engage viewers on high-value Entertainment events.  

The Live Blog, led by Mallika Sen with an assist from Digital’s Emily Olson and a group of writers and producers, collected interesting bits in all formats in a pleasing and audience-focused way, capturing the Grammys as a bowl of delicious small-form snacks. Audience-wise, it is now the top AP Live Blog of all time. 

The Live Stream, hosted by Gary Hamilton and Leslie Ambriz and freelancer Liam McEwan, amassed nearly 650,000 views in its first 24 hours and was prominently featured within the Live Blog and other offerings. 

Interviews with top stars like Billie Eilish, Billy Joel, Dua Lipa, Kylie Minogue and many more provided some of the more than 100 items that populated the Live Blog. It drew from the breadth of AP’s expertise and coverage throughout the year, including key facts and stories identified by Music Writer Maria Sherman and a strong look at African music by AP journalists on the continent. Married with AP’s real-time photography and quick video edits by social producer Amira Borders, the Live Blog delivered a captivating Grammys experience. It also topped Google results for both live blogs and Grammy stories, a critical factor in its success.  

Entertainment also pivoted quickly to news from within the show, with Jonathan Landrum Jr. confirming details about rapper Killer Mike’s arrest (shortly after he won three Grammys) and Sen and Beth Harris spinning out Taylor Swift’s surprise album announcement. The Killer Mike story was the No. 2 story on APNews overall through midday Monday, and the Live Blog was No. 1.

This was the second year of AP’s live hosted YouTube show, and the viewership puts it among the highest live offerings AP has ever done. Notably, thanks to work by Digital, AP’s livestream was the top result in YouTube rankings. 

For this major accomplishment that put AP ahead and in the spotlight on one of entertainment’s most important evenings, Global Entertainment’s Live Blog and Live Stream teams and their Digital colleagues are awarded Best of AP — First Winner.

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