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Best of the Week

A leaked trove of documents opens a rare window into Chinese hacking practices

Mar. 1, 2024


Best of the Week

Tokyo bureau delivers top-tier coverage on two of the biggest stories in years, massive quake and fiery plane disaster

Jan. 12, 2024


Best of the Week

AP investigates Russia’s cover-up of deaths caused by dam explosion in Ukraine

Jan. 6, 2024


Best of the Week

36 days at sea: How castaways survived hallucinations, thirst and desperation

Jan. 5, 2024


Best of the Week

Team shines spotlight on underage Rohingya girls forced into abusive marriages

Dec. 22, 2023


Best of the Week

Former career US diplomat charged with secretly spying for Cuban intelligence for decades

Dec. 15, 2023


Best of the Week

Investigation uncovers private school selling diplomas, no classes required

Dec. 8, 2023


Best of the Week

AP lives from Gaza, Israel, West Bank, Egypt, Lebanon border provide footage for media around the world

Dec. 1, 2023


Best of the Week

The Protein Problem: Can we feed this growing world without starving the planet?

Nov. 24, 2023


Best of the Week

Data-driven reporting highlights outsized presence and influence of fossil fuels industry at climate negotiations

Nov. 17, 2023


Best of the Week

Intimate reporting and stunning access show how the housing crisis has created missing students 

Nov. 10, 2023


Best of the Week

New England staff, Investigations join forces to cover tense search for a killer in Maine

Nov. 3, 2023

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