Second Winner


Best of the Week

AP teams shed light on different stories bonded by death

JAN. 12, 2024


Best of the Week

Team shines with story on Native American girl’s journey to become first female on Professional Bull Riders tour

JAN. 6, 2024


Best of the Week

Onerous enrollment policies are keeping missing students out of school, stunning AP reporting shows

JAN. 5, 2024


Best of the Week

Persistence, smarts net first images from the heart of Lahaina since deadly Maui fire

DEC. 22, 2023


Best of the Week

Recordings show how the Mormon church protects itself from child sex abuse claims

DEC. 15, 2023


Best of the Week

Exclusive reporting on indigenous women bringing a tiny tribe back from the brink of extinction in the Amazon

DEC. 8, 2023


Best of the Week

AP scores major scoop on prison stabbing of former officer Derek Chauvin

DEC. 1, 2023


Best of the Week

Intimate profile of marginalized trans community stresses Pope Francis’ gesture of inclusion

NOV. 24, 2023


Best of the Week

A family history inspires photo-led coverage of modern conflict at WWII internment camp site

NOV. 17, 2023


Best of the Week

The Day of the Dead brings haunting, colorful and poignant remembrances across Latin America

NOV. 10, 2023


Best of the Week

AP out front on flow of Chinese asylum-seekers entering U.S. from Mexico

NOV. 3, 2023


Best of the Week

First Winner: AP team provides up-close look at controversial, remote fishery

OCT. 27, 2023

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