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For more than 100 years, AP has set the standard for political reporting. With reporters in every statehouse, we bring unparalleled coverage of the political landscape surrounding state and national elections.

Our largest bureau is located in Washington, D.C., covering every state, region and major issue across the country from inside the epicenter of U.S. politics. Count on us to provide the content and data you need to drive awareness or produce in-depth analysis.


AP is the only news organization on the ground in all 50 states throughout the year, keeping you in tune with the people, events and issues that drive voters. Our comprehensive state newsfeeds and global political alerts provide the content you need to stay informed, all with the integrity, accuracy and speed that define the AP.

With our alert service, stay up-to-date on elections, political spending, campaign activity and trending issues all curated from AP’s state, national and international coverage and other content providers.



Our forward planning tools, like the state daybooks and AP Planner, can help you plan and stay ahead in the U.S. political arena, including the nation’s capital.

The one-two punch of Washington coverage, both the AP Washington Report and Daybook provide the targeted, breaking news and upcoming event schedules you need for strategic planning and competitive analysis.


AP photographers have captured the most iconic images of the past 100 years, from President Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration to President Barack Obama’s historic two terms in office.

Through AP Images, you can access and license photos from the world’s largest collection of historical, breaking news and stock photography for use in your advertising or promotional campaigns.



AP delivers high-quality, up-to-the-minute and historical video content from around the world. Choose from our wide selection of broadcast-ready breaking news coverage or archival footage. Finding, choosing and using the relevant video content you need has never been faster or simpler.

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Elections Results

AP tabulates the results of nearly every state and national primary, general election and referendum.

In the last major election, we called 4,653 contested races with 99.9 percent accuracy.

We provide unrivaled election coverage, including access to detailed results from state and national primaries, general elections and referendums, election deadlines, voting patterns, candidate profiles, historical data and campaign finance information.

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