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AP and Green Light Learning Tools publish iBook on US presidency


NEW YORK -- The AP, in collaboration with Green Light Learning Tools, is bringing the Oval Office to the iPad.

“The Presidency” iBook by AP and Green Light Learning Tools

Starting today, “The Presidency,” a new educational e-book geared toward students in fourth through eighth grade and educators, is available for download at the Apple iBookstore.

In an innovative approach to marrying news coverage and curriculum, students not only read about the executive branch and presidents, but can directly hear the words and see the video of presidents as they learn about them.

With the swipe of a finger, students, teachers, librarians and parents can access engaging interactive timelines, quizzes and slideshows that provide an in-depth look at the executive branch, the election process and recent elections. The e-book features award-winning photos and video culled from AP’s rich historical archive and pairs them with appropriate grade-level text.

For example, as the inauguration of President Barack Obama approaches, students can watch a video mashup of inaugural addresses dating back to 1933. Instead of just reading the famous words, they can see and hear President John F. Kennedy declare in 1961: “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

Readers can tap their way through a brief history of democracy, illustrated by AP images of the Acropolis in Greece to the U.S. Capitol dome in Washington, and browse through pictures of influential first ladies. Or they can click through an interactive timeline noting all of the U.S. presidents from George Washington in 1789 through today.

Since AP’s founding in 1846, its journalists have played a leading role in covering the White House and the American presidency, documenting news and events for the history books and for readers and viewers around the world.

“News coverage has tremendous power to engage and inform, and that can bring a subject to life in the classroom just as it does with the news of the day,” said Sue Cross, AP’s senior vice president for business development and partner relations in the Americas. “We are thrilled to offer this innovative e-book, along with Green Light, a leader in the emerging education uses of news, and to see the images and video of newsmakers reach a wide audience across these new platforms.”

Tom Nieman, president of Green Light Learning Tools added: “’The Presidency’ is an engaging, informative, and extremely current look at America’s highest office. It’s perfect for students or anyone who is interested in elections, voting, the Electoral College and the office of the presidency itself.”

“The Presidency,” AP’s first e-book, is available for download at the Apple iBookstore for $5.99, and is compatible with the iPad2 or later and the iPad Mini.

The Presidency - Green Light Learning Tools


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