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AP, ShortTok to develop advanced AI-powered video capabilities

The Associated Press and ShortTok today announced they are working together to integrate AI-powered content discovery and video curation into AP’s news production.

The collaboration includes the sharing of domain expertise and technology, as well as co-development of novel solutions around video. Additionally, the organizations will explore pioneering ways of video production that aim to scale and streamline video news story workflows with the responsible use of AI.

“Our work with ShortTok demonstrates AP’s commitment to the exploration, application and adoption of AI technologies,” said AP Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Kristin Heitmann. “We are excited to explore ShortTok’s advanced storytelling solutions as we look to speed up video news delivery and give our customers the ability to tell richer stories that seamlessly integrate video with photos and text.”

“The Associated Press has been the ideal organization for ShortTok to collaborate with in the development of breakthrough video storytelling solutions and their introduction into the marketplace,” said Vikram Nagrani, ShortTok founder and CEO. “We have had the benefit of AP’s deep expertise in the news domain, access to their rich dataset of videos and images, and a robust platform to test, refine and iterate our capabilities.”

ShortTok’s AI technologies enable video journalists and editors to quickly discover and compose key sequences from captured video footage for the rapid creation of multiple storylines and overall storytelling narratives.

Beyond developing applications for the general news domain with AP, ShortTok is actively engaged with market leading companies in sports, entertainment, and financial news to introduce video storytelling solutions across their platforms. Early investors in ShortTok include InfoEdge Ventures (joint venture between InfoEdge and Temasek) and top-tier super-angels from across finance, technology, and media.

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ShortTok’s video AI platform automates, scales, and personalizes the creation of real-world visual stories from content partners’ video libraries, engaging consumers and unlocking enormous value for media companies. ShortTok’s highly experienced team has deep expertise in multimodal AI, computer vision, machine learning, video processing, and massive-scale cloud computing. Online:


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