Best of AP — First Winner


AP photo team scores with a fresh approach to annual Cannes festival coverage


The heart of this week’s Best of the AP win is the story of how the team successfully overhauled the coverage of an event the news cooperative has been staffing for 70 years.

AP’s photo coverage from the 2019 Cannes film festival visually captured the glamour and excitement of the event in new ways without sacrificing the traditional elements that have worked in the past.

Early in the Cannes planning stage,London-based Dejan Jankovic,deputy director of entertainment content,decided to build his team with a combination of experience and fresh eyes. Jankovic added Petros Giannakouris,a creative Athens-based photographer who had no Cannes experience,to partner with the very solid and talented team of entertainment specialists from Invision,AP’s entertainment photo operation: Atlanta-based editor Ali Kaufman and photographers Joel C Ryan, Vianney le Caer and Arthur Mola.

This team’s thoughtful approach was on vivid display,producing some brilliant images,even as they delivered the breadth of coverage our customers demand. Speed,too,was never sacrificed – all photo positions were cabled,which meant images were filed to clients within minutes. Despite working a huge volume of imagery at breakneck speed,the wire edit by Jankovic and Kaufman was accurate, newsy and highly creative.

AP won Cannes’ daily Photographer’s Award five times over the two weeks,impressive recognition in a competition open to every accredited photographer at the festival. In total,AP delivered more than 2,000 images to our Photostream clients and added more than 5,000 to the AP Images site.

A competitor agency brings huge resources to bear for this event – 32 photographers,10 editors and 4 managers – but AP’s team of six competed admirably with them and punched way above its weight.

For showing the glamour,fashion and celebrities of Cannes in a fresh and arresting manner,Jankovic,Giannakouris,Kaufman,Ryan, le Caer and Mola earn AP’s Best of the Week award.

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