Best of AP — Honorable Mention


Agency exclusive video of Ted Cruz in Cancun


Cancun, Mexico, freelance video journalist Dan Christian Rojas and Mexico City senior producer Alexis Triboulard collaborated to give the AP an agency exclusive with video of Sen. Ted Cruz at Cancun’s airport as he was returning to the U.S. amid the backlash over leaving Texas during the deadly winter storm.

Triboulard had alerted Rojas about the potential scandal brewing in the U.S. and Rojas immediately began reaching out to local contacts in Cancun after images started circulating on Twitter purporting to show Cruz en route to Cancun with his family. After hearing the senator was booked on a return flight early that afternoon,she rushed to the airport and was there when he showed up to check in. Rojas followed the visibly annoyed Cruz through the terminal to the security checkpoint,getting not just video but also eliciting comment from the senator,who said that he was headed home to work on helping Texans. Cruz’s comments were immediately included in the AP’s text story,and stills from the video moved on the wire.

A competitive agency had to obtain video of Cruz from its Mexican partner,Telemundo, moving it more than an hour after AP’s fast file.

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