10 things AP uncovered fighting for access

10 things AP uncovered fighting
for access

It’s a core component of journalism in a democracy: making sure the public gets the information that it has a right to know. The Associated Press is committed to this principle and is a leading and aggressive advocate of transparency and accountability in government. The process of requesting public records and fighting for access around the world, sometimes in court, has long been part of AP’s DNA. Our journalists filed many hundreds of requests in 2014 under the federal Freedom of Information Act and state open records statutes, many of which resulted in important stories that the public would otherwise not have known. Here are 10 things AP uncovered in 2014 through its dogged pursuit of access to public records:


Federal Aviation Administration officials and St Louis County police tried to keep news helicopters away from sometimes violent unrest following the shooting of a teenager, Michael Brown, by a police officer.


More than 3,200 Iowa government license plates tied to local, state and federal agencies carry a designation that exempts them from tickets stemming from traffic cameras in the state.