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AP’s audio actualities must always tell the truth. We do not alter or manipulate the content of a newsmaker actuality in any way. Voice reports by AP correspondents may be edited to remove pauses or stumbles.

With the permission of a manager, overly-long pauses by news subjects may be shortened.

newsvalues-audio AUDIO   newsvalues-video VIDEO

The AP does permit the use of the subtle, standard audio processing methods of normalization of levels, general volume adjustments, equalization to make the sound clearer, noise reduction to reduce extraneous sounds such as telephone line noise, and fading in and out of the start and end of sound bites _ provided the use of these methods does not conceal, obscure, remove or otherwise alter the content, or any portion of the content, of the audio. When an employee has questions about the use of such methods or the AP’s requirements and limitations on audio editing, he or she should contact the desk supervisor prior to the transmission of any audio.