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Nothing in our news report – words, photos, graphics, sound or video – may be fabricated. We don't use pseudonyms (except for established literary names or noms de guerre, which should be identified as such), composite characters or fictional names, ages, places or dates. We don't stage or re-enact events for the camera or microphone. Virtual reality presentations must consist of real, unmanipulated imagery and sound.

newsvalues-audio AUDIO   newsvalues-video VIDEO

We don't stage or re-enact events for the camera or microphone, and we don't use sound effects or substitute video or audio from one event to another. We do not “cheat” sound by adding audio to embellish or fabricate an event. A senior editor must be consulted prior to the introduction of any neutral sound (ambient sound that does not affect the editorial meaning but corrects a technical fault).

newsvalues-photo PHOTO

We do not ask people to pose for photos unless we are making a portrait and then we clearly state that in the caption. We explain in the caption the circumstances under which photographs are made. If someone is asked to pose for photographs by third parties and that is reflected in AP-produced images, we say so in the caption. Such wording would be: “XXX poses for photos.’’