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AP is unique in the world among news agencies in that our only agenda is news:

We are solely focused on the mission of news gathering, distribution and service.

Throughout our storied past, AP has relied on a strong reputation, set of standards and brand to enable our reporting of history. A strong brand helps us be clear about who we are and what we stand for. It lets us reinforce what is unique about AP and what customers and consumers can expect when they encounter AP news, people or products.

Created in 1846

Since our creation in 1846, we have served as the definitive source for news. As we continue our evolution to a diversified digital news company, our brand promise remains the same.

Myint Naing, Khin Than

Brand values

In an increasingly fragmented media world, AP’s values — integrity, action and independence — shape our trusted reputation and underscore the expertise that differentiates us from others in the industry. These brand values are the foundation for our behaviors, actions and culture.


Brand personality

With 59 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other news organization in the categories for which we can compete, the AP brand speaks for the people who work for us. Our brand personality traits — we are gutsy, resourceful and connected — reflect who we are and how we act and make us stand out among news organizations.


Identity system

Brand guidelines and assets

Consistently applied, the AP identity system plays a strong role in increasing AP brand recognition and reinforcing the strength of our relationship with all who value accurate and independent news. As a result, it is essential that these guidelines are followed closely and with care.

Included here in brand assets, you’ll find AP brand guidelines, logos and our CMYK and RGB color swatches. For our fonts or questions regarding AP branding, please contact brand@ap.org

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