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Our success is dependent upon the collaboration of staffers across departments. Our essential operation is comprised of three primary areas: News, Business Operations and Technology.


The AP has news operations in 250 locations around the world. Our team of news leaders oversees all areas within the department, including specialty coverage areas such as sports, entertainment, investigations, photos, video, social media and interactive graphics. Our news operations also include the Nerve Center, which is at our headquarters in New York. Editors at the Nerve Center work with editors of our regional hubs around the world on all aspects of coverage.

Business Operations

Talented professionals in our business operations contribute to making the AP more profitable and ensure it functions efficiently all across the globe. Key areas in our business operations include Revenue, Sales & Marketing, Product Development, Strategic Planning, Corporate Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Corporate Communications. These areas play a significant role in development of our product portfolio while also supporting daily operations enabling AP to compete in a fast-changing business environment.


Technology is the largest non-News division at AP. Our products are all technology driven, so this department is inherently part of producing the news and getting our products delivered to customers. Technology's field team and the AP’s global support desk provide valuable support for AP employees. Our technicians, application developers, security engineers and a wide array of other technology specialists work in departments such as Application Development, Business Technology, Quality Assurance, IT Security and Technology Solutions.