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Data journalism

National data sets with local impact

Tell stories that affect lives in your community with data journalism from AP. Whether it's housing prices, temperature changes or life expectancies, we provide you the data to compare neighborhoods and hold officials accountable. 

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How it works

We find, vet and deliver data you can use to tell the story that resonates with your audience

We do the digging

We gather, vet and clean data from a mix of public and exclusive sources that helps your newsroom save resources and publish stories faster. We also publish our methodology for each project along with any notable findings and caveats we see, giving you the context of knowing the story behind the numbers.

You tell the story

Use our findings as a starting point or parse the numbers to find a story angle relevant to you. Customers have created packages that combine text, images, videos and interactives —  all driven by data. access

Included in your subscription is access to AP's private community on, in which you can export our data sets to your favorite software or simply download them as .csv files. Ask questions to our editors on the discussion board, review any supporting documents and even use our pre-built queries —  all in the same platform.

“AP’s data service is invaluable for spotting local stories we otherwise would have missed. Last year, one database showed a 20-year gap in life expectancy between an inner-city census tract adjoining our world-class hospital complexes and a rich tract in the suburbs. Because the AP had already cleaned and formatted the data, it took us only two days to research and write the article. The disparity became the talk of the region.”

George Rodrigue | Editor & President, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Training opportunities

Learn how to grow your newsroom's data journalism skills

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