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Collaborating to report on faith in the deaf community

Made possible by a collaboration among The Associated Press, Religion News Service and The Conversation, this multi-format report explores the relationship deaf worshippers have to God and faith.

Conversations about injustice are a constant at Washington D.C.’s Gallaudet University, a school known for exerting broad influence on deaf communities around the world.


The deaf worshippers at Holyrood Episcopal Church say that being unable to hear the music, prayers, sermons, even confessions might be considered a limitation but their trilingual church has changed that. By offering the services in sign language, the church is helping strengthen their sense of community, and even expanding their understanding of God and the sacred gift of silence in a noisy world.


WATCH: A silent worship revival at an Episcopal church for the deaf

Rather than fixing hearing loss or seeing deafness as a sign of God’s disfavor, the faith of deaf and hard-of-hearing Christians brings new understandings about God to the world.


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