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Polling data you can trust

Get accurate insight into who voted and why as soon as polls close on Election Day with data from AP VoteCast. For nearly 175 years, AP has tabulated election results and declared winners in U.S. elections. Now our rich and robust voter survey helps tell the whole story of the American democracy.

Illuminating information about the American electorate

Absentee vote is submitted in Doral, Florida.

Designed to reflect the way Americans vote today

In the 2020 general election, less than a third of voters cast a ballot at a neighborhood polling place on Election Day. That's why we meet voters where they are, surveying them via mail, phone and online to create a comprehensive data set that empowers accurate storytelling.

Every American counts

Our survey extends beyond the traditional battleground states to capture the full picture of the American electorate. With an extensive sample size, it provides deep insight into representative subsets of the population and captures opinions on a wide range of topics, from health care and climate to education and economics.

Data that tells the full story

Since its debut in 2018, AP VoteCast’s methodology has employed the latest in social science research in an effort to reach and understand voters of every political ideology. By comparing current results with data from previous elections, we can explore changes in voter preferences over time and identify trends that help explain the outcome of this year’s elections.

American flag is reflected in a volunteer's sunglasses.

Empowering storytelling through transparency

Subscribers to AP VoteCast get access to the same data that informs AP’s race calls, empowering them to report on the results of the election and tell the stories that matter most to their audience. Following the election, all AP VoteCast data is ultimately made available to the public, allowing for academic research and peer review of the survey’s results and the methods used to achieve them.

Results and methodology

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