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AP Social Newswire

Know when it happens. Know when it's real.

Get real-time access to AP's social vetting process with AP Social Newswire

Our vetting process for user-generated content is unrivaled, and our new product allows you to easily access our entire process, ensuring that you have the option to deliver UGC to your audience as fast as they demand and as accurately as possible.

We'll help you find and verify UGC whenever news breaks

From major global news to trending stories, we apply the same editorial standards to UGC as we do any other newsgathering

Track quality UGC with AP Social Newswire

View multiple feeds of content - from global to local - and monitor the vetting process in real-time through the notes and tags that we apply to each asset (such as "authenticated" or "debunked"). All photos and videos are delivered in a digital-friendly format giving you the abilitiy to seamlessly integrate UGC into your stories through embed codes.   

SAM search interface

Manage your UGC workflow with SAM

We deliver our social newswire through SAM, a web-based workflow tool for finding, curating and publishing UGC. SAM helps you search for good content across major social networks, then curate, process and collaborate around that content. With SAM's customizable embeds and outputs, you can fully integrate social content into your stories in a style that suits you and your brand.


One of the largest and most trusted sources of independent newsgathering, as well as UGC vetting and verification. 


Web-based tool used to manage UGC, providing workflow solutions for finding, curating and publishing UGC.

AP Social Newswire

Powerful combination of content and technology to help newsrooms conquer the largest potential news source: social content. 

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