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Harness unparalleled speed and accuracy for your research and predictive analysis

As a data provider to financial, technology, corporate and academic institutions, we offer comprehensive event-driven data and a machine-readable history of global news events. Our structured and rich data feeds and archives help scientists, researchers and analysts layer critical external data to projects ranging from backtesting to predictive analytics.

Our data solutions

Rely on our accurate, comprehensive and easy-to-use data to improve your learnings and outcomes

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Economic indicators

Get key economic indicators delivered directly from Washington D.C. lock-ups in an ultra-low-latency, machine-readable format. Financial institutions and high-frequency trading firms consistently rely upon our proven, industry-leading technology to bring the fastest and most accurate macroeconomic news and data needed for instant decision-making and predictive analysis.

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Machine-readable news archive

As software learns to predict the future, there's no better way to perfect your algorithms than with AP's record of the past. Enhance your internal data with our entire text news output delivered in machine-readable format, giving your algorithms access to high-quality data with detailed, minute‑by‑minute records of events as they unfolded.

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Polling place

Historical elections data

Learn from voting patterns and behavior through our repository of highly detailed voting data from all U.S. state and national political races, as well as major ballot questions in all 50 states. As the sole organization that counts the vote nationally, we are the only source of this unique data offering.

Report: How artificial intelligence will impact journalism

Learn how artificial intelligence will augment your newsroom and how you can leverage it to your advantage by reading “The future of augmented journalism: A guide for newsrooms in the age of smart machines.”

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