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AP VoteCast

A new approach to polling

Illuminate the outcome of Election Day with data you can trust

Use our comprehensive survey results — gathered via an innovative new approach to polling voters — to tell the whole story of who wins on Election Day and why. Developed with NORC at the University of Chicago, VoteCast is a modern approach to public opinion research designed to deliver a broader and more accurate picture of the American electorate than ever before.

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What makes AP VoteCast different?

On Election Day, VoteCast provides in-depth insight on the decisions made by Americans as they decide whether to vote, for whom and why

It's not an exit poll

VoteCast is a pioneering evolution of public opinion research designed to overcome the bias and inaccuracies inherent in the in-person exit poll. By carefully calibrating a random sample of registered voters with a massive poll conducted using opt-in online panels, VoteCast delivers the best of both. The result is research with the accuracy of random sampling combined with the depth provided by an online poll that interviews tens of thousands. 

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We cover more ground

Our approach gathers information from both voters and registered voters who decide not to cast a ballot in every state, providing data in far more places than in-person exit polls. In all, we expect to conduct approximately 122,600 interviews in English and Spanish, beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 31, and concluding as polls close on Election Day. 

More robust results

Together with our vote count and race calls, VoteCast gives you all the data you need to tell the comprehensive story of Election Day. In the 2018 midterms, we expect to deliver a national survey based on interviews with 85,820 voters and 36,780 nonvoters. Our state surveys are also rich with detail, allowing for crosstabs that highlight the diversity of opinion that decides who wins — and who loses.

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