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AP VoteCast

The new standard in election research

Illuminate the outcome of Election Day with data you can trust

Use our comprehensive survey results — gathered via an innovative approach to polling voters — to tell the whole story of who wins on Election Day and why. Developed with NORC at the University of Chicago, AP VoteCast is a modern approach to public opinion research designed to deliver a broader and more accurate picture of the American electorate than ever before.

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What makes AP VoteCast different?

On Election Day, AP VoteCast provides in-depth insights about the decisions made by Americans as they decide whether to vote, for whom and why

Absentee vote is submitted in Doral, Florida.

It's not an exit poll

AP VoteCast is the new standard in election research, specifically designed to overcome the bias and inaccuracies inherent in the in-person exit poll. Using a random sample of registered voters to carefully calibrate a massive poll conducted using opt-in online panels, AP VoteCast delivers the best of both methods: research with the accuracy of random sampling combined with the depth provided by an online poll that interviews tens of thousands.

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We cover more ground

AP VoteCast delivers data on Election Day in every state, expanding beyond the battlegrounds and gathering information from both voters and registered voters who decide not to cast a ballot. In presidential election years, AP VoteCast also provides data in key primary elections — from the Iowa caucus to Super Tuesday and through to the primaries that determine the major party nominees for president. 

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More robust results

Together with the AP vote count and our race calls, AP VoteCast provides all the data you need to tell the comprehensive story of Election Day. In the 2018 midterms, AP VoteCast delivered a national survey based on interviews with 116,792 voters and 22,137 nonvoters. Our state surveys are also rich with detail, allowing for crosstabs that highlight the diversity of opinion that decides who wins — and who loses.

Building on success

The survey debuted in the 2018 midterm elections with reliable, proven results. As just one example of its many successes, AP VoteCast had an average error of only 1.2 percentage points in favor of the Democratic candidate for Senate and governor races at 5 p.m. on Election Day, as compared to the error as reported by the in-person exit poll in recent elections, which often measured in double digits.

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2018 AP VoteCast data available for download

With its debut in the 2018 U.S. midterm elections, AP VoteCast set the new standard in election research. In our commitment to transparency, AP and NORC at the University of Chicago have made the 2018 data publicly available for download and presented a detailed report on its success at the 2019 AAPOR conference.

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