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AP names Tom Berman as Central regional editor

Tom Berman (AP Photo)

CHICAGO (AP) — The Associated Press has named Tom Berman as Central regional editor. Berman, who has led AP newsrooms and strategic initiatives in the United States and Europe, will oversee AP’s coverage and operations across 14 states stretching from Texas to the upper Midwest.

The appointment was announced Wednesday by Brian Carovillano, vice president and managing editor for U.S. news.

“Tom is the ideal person to build on the great foundation that we’ve built in the region,” Carovillano said. “He’s an exceptionally smart and ambitious journalist. He is an excellent talent scout and mentor to all kinds of journalists. And he has a brilliant mind for looking at how we do what we do and thinking of ways to do it better. I’m really pleased to be adding him to an already great leadership team for U.S. news.”

Berman, 48, will be based at the regional desk in Chicago, where he has been serving as deputy editor and acting regional editor since June. He succeeds David Scott, who is now AP’s politics editor in Washington.

Berman previously served as deputy Europe editor, based in London. There, he helped lead journalists in more than 50 nations in Europe and North Africa, working with reporters and editors in all formats on stories including the unrest in Ukraine and Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

A native of New York City and a 1994 graduate of New York University, Berman joined the AP in 1997 in the Boston bureau after working for several years as a reporter at newspapers in New York and Massachusetts. In Boston, he worked as a supervising editor, helping to direct coverage of the EgyptAir 990 crash and death of John F. Kennedy Jr.

Berman later served as Pennsylvania news editor, overseeing coverage of such stories as the crash of Flight 93 in the Sept. 11 attacks. From 2003 to 2010, he was the AP’s director of state news for the eastern United States, a role in which he worked with bureau chiefs and news editors to strengthen the cooperative’s state news reports and on the restructuring of the AP in the United States along regional lines. He was the overall state news leader for two years before moving to London in 2012.

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