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Court rules video of judge being shot not a public record

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio appeals court says a video recorded by a courthouse security camera showing a county judge being shot and wounded is a security record and shouldn’t be released to The Associated Press.

A three-judge panel with the Seventh District Court of Appeals in Youngstown ruled earlier this month in an appeal filed by Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin, who argued releasing the video could endanger lives of judges and their staffs.

The video shows Jefferson County Judge Joseph Bruzzese (bruh-ZEES’) Jr. being shot outside a Steubenville courthouse in August 2017 and 51-year-old Nathaniel Richmond killed by a probation officer.

The Ohio Court of Claims previously ruled the video doesn’t contain information used to protect a public office from “attack, interference or sabotage” and should be released.

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