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AP Video Hub announces new deal with Le Figaro

The Associated Press today announced a new deal with leading French newspaper Le Figaro, making it the first French publisher to license AP Video Hub, a state-of-the-art online video delivery platform.

Le Figaro’s website ( is already France’s most visited news website, and AP Video Hub is set to reinvigorate the news website’s offering. Entering the digital video market for the first time, Le Figaro has responded to an increasing demand from readers for international digital news content.

“Le Figaro came to us with a demand for broadcast quality video news in a format that their infrastructure could accommodate,” said Sue Brooks, AP director of video transformation. “AP Video Hub enables them to access this as quickly and easily as large broadcasters do already. We are seeing unprecedented demand for our service that is truly revolutionizing the capabilities of online video producers at newspapers, agencies and websites around the world. Features such as live streaming and ‘follow’ functionality make this an unbeatable and unique proposition.”

Bertrand Gié, Le Figaro directeur des nouveaux medias, said: “As the leading French news website, had to develop an efficient and powerful video offer. In 2013, a video desk of a dozen journalists was created. AP’s video offer enables Le Figaro’s journalists to create dynamic and pertinent content, which answers our readership needs.”

Online publishers represent a growing segment of customers for AP. Since its launch in April 2012, AP Video Hub has achieved market-leader status in more than 40 countries. Its IP-based delivery and simple user interface means customers receive a faster, more efficient service. AP Video Hub’s delivery of raw broadcast-quality video news is ideally suited for online publishers that lack broadcast resources. The platform enables them create rich online content and offers readers an added dimension to their online news experience.

AP Video Hub customers have recently benefitted from AP’s coverage of major stories, including the Olympics, the election of the Pope, the Costa Concordia, Nelson Mandela falling ill, the Royal Birth, the Oscars, the civil war in Syria and the Japan earthquake.


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