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Two TV stations adopt the new AP ENPS

Gannett’s WBIR-TV in Knoxville, Tenn., and Intermountain West’s KSNV-TV, Las Vegas,  are now producing news with the new AP ENPS news production system.  Both stations went live with AP ENPS at the end of June.

Andy Wormser, ENPS director of operations for the Americas, shepherded the training and support for the simultaneous launches.  “The staffs at both of these stations were fantastic and eager to convert to AP ENPS,” he said.  “The workflows at each site are now more tightly integrated as holistic systems, making it easier to create content with video and graphics all seamlessly integrated inside ENPS. Users found the new ENPS interface intuitive and easy to learn.”

The new AP ENPS is redesigned to make news production more intuitive so users spend less time thinking about the process of creating the news and more time telling the story.  AP ENPS also brings users the ability to have two-way social media conversations from within their stories, user-configurable content Dashboards and Storyboards for collecting the elements of big events.

WBIR-TV is the 18th Gannett Co. television station to convert to AP ENPS and the first to adopt the new version 7.  WBIR-TV will see additional benefits of seamlessly connecting to other Gannett TV stations for sharing content and collaborating on stories.

KSNV-TV is the largest Intermountain West station and the first to convert to AP ENPS. KSNV-TV has increased its daily newscasts and is moving to a new all-news format except for NBC network programming.

Used by more than 60,000 journalists in more than 60 countries, AP ENPS is the world’s most popular news production system, meeting increasingly demanding needs in television, radio and network news environments.


Erin Madigan White
Media Relations Manager
The Associated Press

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