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AP Global Media Services and NewSource Globo team up in Brazil

The Associated Press and Globo have announced a four-year agreement, through their AP Global Media Services (GMS) and NewSource Globo units, to provide international broadcasters with comprehensive media services and facilities at major events taking place in Brazil, including the FIFA World Cup, the 2016 Olympic Games and the Pope’s visit in 2017.

The collaboration, which also covers breaking news and events such as Carnival in Rio de Janiero, will provide access to live broadcast services, including international HD transmission, live stand-up positions and studio facilities.

By combining their areas of expertise, AP GMS and NewSource Globo will ensure that international broadcasters have access to everything they need, in every part of the country. Through its affiliate network Globo will provide customers with unique bureau locations across Brazil, including the Copacabana beach. In addition to providing international HD transmission from NewSource Globo facilities, AP is also opening a new studio in the Copacabana beach region, set against Sugarloaf Mountain.

“With the eyes of the world on Brazil for the next four years, it is critical that we can offer international broadcasters the most comprehensive coverage opportunities,” said Roberto Marinho Neto, head of sports projects at Globo. “The opportunity in the country is continuing to grow and by working with AP GMS we can ensure that Brazil is better connected with the rest of the world than ever before.”

Susan Henderson, head of broadcast services for North America at AP GMS, said: “Brazil is already a key region for news and events and this is only going to increase in the future.  We are delighted to work with NewSource Globo and are confident that together we can provide international broadcasters everything they need to cover both breaking news and the major events in Brazil over the next four years.”

About Globo and NewSource Globo

To be one of the world’s leading communications company is just possible with a lot of creativity, professionalism and investment on quality and innovation. Globo produces close to 2,400 annual hours of Brazilian telenovelas and programs, as well as over 3,000 hours of telejournalism. The network covers 98.6% of Brazil’s territory, reaching 99.5% of the population with the greatest network of affiliated broadcasting stations of 122 spread over the states. In 2013, Globo launched its news and media services agency, NewSource Globo, which aims to expedite broadcasters’ operations, contributing to high quality journalistic productions, providing not only facilities, but also a variety of video and internet content, such as hard news feeds, archive footage and TV series.


Laura Imregi
Communications Manager
The Associated Press

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