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Bitcentral provides news production, master control and automation solutions that facilitate simplified broadcast and digital media workflows.

Bitcentral Core News

Core News production, management and publishing platform is tightly integrated with ENPS, merging Precis, Oasis and Create tools into one end-to-end system. Active X Control, asset discover, real-time transfer status updates, a wide array of NLE integrations, automated finished-story archiving and work-in-progress items are all available via ENPS control and discovery.

Third party non-linear editor MOS-enabled panels are available from Bitcentral for NLEs like Premiere, Edius and Final Cut Pro. The panels enable instantaneous, seamless, no-mistakes video-attach for playout.

Bitcentral Oasis

Bitcentral's Oasis is a cloud-based video archive and share solution designed around an innovative private and public cloud model that is flexible enough to fit every network architecture. Searching and retrieval is easy using video and metadata (scripts, slugs, notes, etc).
Oasis also provides a sophisticated asset management system that can grow with your station needs. Utilizing either private or public networks, Oasis integrates with existing news production systems and empowers everyone, everywhere, to access, share and move stories over existing bandwidth without traditional time-consuming and expensive linear feeds.
Note: Oasis requires Precis (stand-alone or as part of Bitcentral Core News) to serve as its MOS interface to ENPS.

Bitcentral Precis

The Bitcentral Precis video server delivers a fully-integrated, end-to-end, open-architecture solution that streamlines your workflow at every step in the process.

With the Precis workflow, field contributors can edit video stories on location using notebooks, then submit those stories immediately over broadband or microwave — ready to air from anywhere. Stories move seamlessly from the field and viewer-generated sources through editing and your newsroom computer system to playout.

Supported AP ENPS workflows

Bitcentral supports the following features in ENPS. 

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ActiveX plug-in functionality

Channel assignment

Item status

Media awareness

Media thumbnails and preview video

Running order control

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