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Imagine Communications provides broadcasters, networks, video service providers and enterprises around the world with optimized, future-proof, multiscreen video and ad managements solutions.

Imagine Inscriber

Inscriber MOS gives newsroom staff the ability to create and schedule template-based text and graphics from their desktops for playout across the entire Inscriber on-air graphics product line.

Inscriber MOS consists of a MOS-compliant ActiveX control interface connected to Inscriber graphics systems. It enables remote asset browsing, editing, and playout within ENPS. Real-time previews are generated as journalists create graphics to ensure the accuracy of each item being added to a story.

Centralized control playout allows all changes to the ENPS playlist generated from Inscriber graphics systems to be automatically updated across multiple channels.

Imagine NEXIO NewsForce

NewsForce is an HD/SD news platform that delivers the quickest time to air for breaking news. NewsForce includes a suite of MOS-enabled hardware products and software applications, including the NEXIO MOS Gateway which facilitates communication between the SAN and ENPS. This system passes lists of running orders and their contents between ENPS and NewsForce workstations.

The NEXIO MOS Playlist Manager displays the ENPS running order, provides NEXIO server channels with play-to-air commands and tracks running order changes made on the ENPS, while auto-stacking the correct sequence of clips into server playout channels.

The entire line of Velocity non-linear editors are fully MOS-compliant, integrating seamlessly with ENPS enabling journalists to tie running orders and scripts to finished edits and time shots, and voice-overs to the read rates of presenters.

NewsForce features full integration of the Final Cut Pro nonlinear editing system directly on the NEXIO SAN. The NewsForce Final Cut Pro integration provides a MOS tool suite for displaying running orders and scripts right on the Final Cut Pro desktop.

The NEXIO MediaBase plug-in exposes MediaBase content on the newsroom computer desktop as well as enabling drag-and-drop of IDs from NEXIO storage into story scripts, associating the media with the story. The plug-in can create empty placeholder IDs, perform text-only searching and provides low-resolution preview of NEXIO content.

Supported AP ENPS Workflow

Imagine supports the following features in ENPS. 

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ActiveX plug-in functionality

Automatic placeholder creation

Buddy fail-over

Channel assignment

Drag and drop media to NLE timeline

Item status

Ingest placeholder creation

Media awareness

MOS redirection

NLE placeholder creation

Running order control

Story send

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