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Ross Video designs, markets, manufactures and supports a wide range of video production and workflow management systems for use in broadcast and other live event production applications.

Ross Video OverDrive

OverDrive is a highly flexible production control system that enables touch screen control over all the devices used in a production environment. OverDrive integrates seamlessly with the Synergy SD, MD/X and Vision series of Ross' family of production switchers as well as third party switchers, leveraging their powerful control interfaces over video servers, graphic systems, VTRs, DDRs, audio mixers, robotic cameras, routers, still stores and more.

OverDrive also offers a MOS newsroom interface featuring an ActiveX plug-in that integrates directly with ENPS.  This interface enables production elements, such as switcher effects, DVE effects, audio mixes and robotic camera moves to be placed directly into the rundown. The interface provides a LiveLink™ from the newsroom system rundown to the OverDrive production run down playlist. Changes made in the newsroom system rundown are immediately updated in OverDrive.

The OverDrive production control system has been designed for a variety of applications such as news, sports, live event and faith-based productions. The flexibility of the system allows users to have fully automated, semi-automated or traditional manually controlled productions all from the same control room. With OverDrive, you have full access to your production equipment, and full control over your production at all times.

Ross Xpression

The Ross XPression real-time motion graphics system provides users with the power, simplicity and affordability. Built to create high-end 3D graphics and animations, XPression also fully supports existing 2D workflows that use still images and rendered animation clips.

The XPression MOS Plug-in allows journalists to access all of the XPression templates used in the control room from inside the newsroom computer system. Replace text, stills, or clips, and make changes to any published item in the scene (like the position of a locator dot on a map), while preserving the rest of the design elements. Users see real-time updates in a preview window that can be resized up to full-screen. For final proofing of the graphic, hitting the play button triggers the industry's best full-motion preview.

The XPression NLE Plug-in allows editors in Avid Media Composer or Grass Valley Edius to access the same templates as the newsroom users to compose graphics as well as the ability to access graphics composed and saved by the journalist in the newsroom. This allows for consistent branding of graphics in the edit room or control room and provides a way to get finished titles onto packages for the web and mobile apps prior to the newscast.

Supported AP ENPS workflow

Ross supports the following features in ENPS. 

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ActiveX plug-in

Buddy fail-over

Channel assignment

Item status

Running order control

Story send

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