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Swift News brings the creative power of the RT Software’s Swift range into the newsroom. Journalists choose a pre-designed template from within their ENPS client, enter text and assets, then insert the completed graphic into the rundown. Designers design the look, journalists control the content. Graphics are put to air under automation control or manually via our Swift Live browser user interface.


Swift News

Swift News integrates with AP ENPS using our ActiveX client to allow journalists to update the text, images and movies within their graphics directly in their familiar ENPS client. 

Swift News supports previewing for the journalists so they have confidence their updates are correct before they get to air.

Any changes are synchronised to the Swift Engine renderers and triggered to air under automation or manual control.

Swift Live

Swift Live is our control interface to allow gallery operators to trigger the news rundown graphics according to the director’s wishes. The layout easily can be changed to match the needs of your particular operation. You can see some examples on our website. Since it runs in a Chrome browser, equipment costs are kept to a minimum.

News Workflow

Swift News supports an optional NLE versioning workflow where the MOS objects can be rendered out at a later time for reuse on alternative platforms.

Since Swift CG or Swift CG+ is used to originate the graphic templates, it is a simple task to reuse these branding assets across any other parts of your broadcast environment simply by adding additional parts of the Swift solution.

Swift supports NDI, SDI and ST2110 video.

Supported AP ENPS workflows

RT Technology supports the following features in ENPS.

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ActiveX plug-in functionality

Channel assignment

Running order control

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