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Collaboration and editorial planning made simple

One destination for all your newsroom activity from any location

It's never been more critical — or more challenging — for newsrooms to stay connected. AP Playbook can help. 

Hybrid working?

 From at-home offices to on-the-scene locations, we'll quickly bring your team together in a single platform. It's fast, easy and ready to use. Sign up to learn more about how we can help your team connect. 

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Keep your newsroom at your fingertips

At your desk or on the go, AP Playbook online and the mobile app will help you plan and track your ongoing and upcoming story coverage.


  • Give your entire team access to build and view multiformat plans with topic cards for top-level stories and assignment cards for related tasks. 
  • Keep everyone up to date on day-of and future coverage activity across your organization, locally or globally.  


  • Get notifications of new assignments and story developments through the iOS app, text or email.
  • Use the timeline view to get a snapshot of your day or week ahead, and drag items to easily reschedule coverage throughout the week.
  • View your personal assignments, or use the slideshow view for a roundup of the day’s plans across various areas.

AP Playbook program display

Mapping feature on AP Playbook


  • View the location of your stories and get directions on the go.
  • Give assignment editors the ability to find out at a glance where field crews are located and who's available to deploy to a breaking news event.


  • Easily search events and assignments using hashtags, key terms or team member usernames. 
  • Choose how to view your newsroom activity, whether by location, format, date, owner or other filters.

API Integration AP Playbook


  • Using our API, ingest feeds of events to create a view of newsworthy items for your schedule. 
  • Customize action buttons to create robust API integrations and workflows.
  • Integrate Playbook with your site's single sign-on or multifactor authentication system. 


  • Create personal or team templates to maximize efficiency when planning story coverage. 
  • Set required fields to be completed before a story can be added to the system.
  • Allow investigative teams to keep their work separate and secure until it's ready to be shared with the wider team. 

Story creation in AP Playbook


  • Allocate costs to each assignment to track individual and cumulative story expenses. 
  • Gain insight into how resources are being used across the newsroom.

Introducing: AP Cast

A new add-on to AP Playbook, AP Cast functions as a content curation and publishing tool, sourcing content from within Playbook and publishing to external systems via custom-built API integrations. Perfect for newsletters, coverage plans, or even sending bulk content to your CMS; AP Cast is as versatile as it is simple to use.

Contact us to learn more and be among the valued partners—such as Al Jazeera Digital and the Daily Mail Group—who plan both their coverage and their output in Playbook.

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