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AP breaks news of Epstein autopsy report

Reporters Michael Sisak, New York, and Michael Balsamo, Washington, broke the news that Jeffrey Epstein’s death had officially been ruled a suicide by hanging. Sisak ensured AP would be at the top of the medical examiner’s call list by gently nudging the ME’s office daily, several times a day, about the release of the autopsy findings. Balsamo had put the AP on high alert earlier in the day when a source confirmed that federal investigators had been told to expect the medical examiner’s determination that afternoon. That allowed AP to put a story on the wire saying an announcement was imminent about an hour and a half before it happened. Ultimately, AP was one of just two news organizations to get the findings first, with AP putting out its alert followed by an updated story less than two minutes later. AP was widely attributed with news of the ruling on the air and in mobile push alerts.

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