Best of AP — Honorable Mention


After newspaper tragedy, a city embraces its journalists


In a country almost inured to mass shootings, last year’s attack on the newsroom at Maryland’s Capital Gazette stood out for its targeting of journalists. As the anniversary approached, Annapolis reporter Brian Witte wanted to capture the unique response to the shooting amid heightened tensions with the media. Instead of a story about trauma and loss, Witte told a nuanced story of a community coming together to support their local newspaper, and the journalists recommitting themselves to covering the community. The Capital Gazette’s subscriptions have surged. Random readers hug reporters out working and gave them a standing ovation at a local parade. Meanwhile, the paper’s surviving staff are using their craft to work through their trauma, including Paul Gillespie, a Capital Gazette photographer who has created a defiant photo essay of his surviving co-workers and the relatives of the victims.

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