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Tear gas, drama in New Year’s border clash with migrants


Daniel Ochoa de Olza, photographer, Madrid, for his excellent coverage of migrants climbing a wall and running as U.S. agents fired tear gas. While many people were raising their glasses to celebrate the New Year,some 150 migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border tried to cross into the U.S.,where Border Patrol agents stood wearing camouflage and carrying assault-style riffles. Ochoa’s widely used photos captured the drama of the migrants,including children, running away from the gas.

Ochoa describes how he made the photos.

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Migrants run as tear gas is thrown by U.S. Border Protection officers after they climbed the border fence to get from Tijuana, Mexico, into San Diego, Calif., Jan. 1, 2019. – AP Photo / Daniel Ochoa de Olza
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