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Hanoi producer documents his 9-week lockdown ‘weekend’

AP journalist Hau Dinh exercises with a jump rope during virus lockdown in Vung Tau, Vietnam, Sept. 13, 2021. Dinh set off from Hanoi in mid-July for a long weekend in the seaside resort. The trip came just as the delta variant surged in Vietnam, sparking harsh lockdown measures that left Dinh trapped away from home, largely restricted to the apartment. Nine weeks later, he was still there, documenting the experience for AP. (AP Photo / Mathieu Le Besq)


AP video producer Hau Din had embarked on a midsummer weekend getaway with his partner in the seaside resort of Vung Tau, Vietnam. But when when a surge of COVID-19 prompted tight restrictions, turning his visit into more than nine weeks of lockdown, Dinh delivered an all-formats first-person account of his life stuck in an apartment away from home as the delta variant swept through Vietnam.

In text,photos and video,Hanoi-based Dinh opened the doors to his lockdown home,creatively documenting what one does with so much time indoors while restricted to a quick once-a-week trip to a nearby drug store and grocery. He said he sometimes lost track of time,but a stark reminder of how long he’d been in lockdown was an avocado plant. A seed when he took it from a restaurant just before the lockdown, he watched it grow more than 30 centimeters (1 foot) tall.

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