Best of AP — Honorable Mention


Fast, exclusive coverage after fatal vehicle attack in Berlin

The covered body of a teacher lies on the street after a car crashed into a school group in central Berlin, June 8, 2022. Authorities determined the incident was an intentional attack by a person with a history of mental problems. (AP Photo / Michael Sohn)


Berlin photographer and photo editor Michael Sohn responded immediately to first word that a driver had plowed his vehicle into a visiting school group in a popular capital shopping district. He was among the first at the scene as attention focused on whether terrorism was a motive.

Sohn put AP ahead of all agencies,reporting for all formats including exclusive photos and live video,while Frankfurt photographer Michael Probst jumped in to handle editing duties, quickly relaying images from Sohn’s camera onto the AP wire. The visuals were heavily used by online media and TV clients.

Authorities later identified mental illness for the apparently deliberate attack that killed one teacher and seriously injured others.

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