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Oregon launches legal psilocybin access amid high demand and hopes for improved mental health care


Correspondent Andrew Selsky and photo editor Jennifer Kane produced the first comprehensive, multiformat examination of Oregon’s legalization of psilocybin — “magic mushrooms” — that proponents hope will spark a revolution in mental health care, garnering national and international attention.

Selsky has been reporting on Oregon’s pioneering legalization of supervised use of psilocybin since it was presented to voters in a ballot measure in 2020. Finally, this summer, the psilocybin program took off after the state spent two years establishing regulation. Selsky had already been lining up principal players in this new field to do comprehensive coverage on the nation’s first legalized statewide use of psilocybin going live.

He was granted access to a grower’s operations, with Kane and freelance photographer Craig Mitchelldyer accompanying him.

The Oregonian, the state’s largest newspaper, featured the story on its front page. It was also picked up by media outlets across the country, including The Los Angeles Times and The Seattle Times.

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