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AP’s Sarah Rankin snags interview with candidate whose video became campaign


AP Virginia reporter Sarah Rankin scored an exclusive interview with a candidate in the state’s high-stakes legislative elections who was revealed during the campaign to have once live-streamed sex videos with her husband on a pornographic website.

Shortly after Susanna Gibson lost the Nov. 7 election to her Republican opponent by about 2 percentage points — a narrower margin than anticipated — Rankin got the interview others were clamoring for, impressing Gibson with how fair her articles had been during the two months after the videos became public knowledge.

The result was an all-formats package with text, photos and videos in which Gibson revealed that she was relentlessly harassed and received death threats for weeks after the story broke, but also said she may not be finished with politics.

The story was an exclusive interview that was viewed nearly 100,000 times after it was published, with about one-third of the traffic coming from Facebook and X, formerly known as Twitter.

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